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Electronic Music: The Expansion

Electronic music is a very diverse genre, and can fit nearly every mood. Most people associate electronic music with EDM, clubs, and raves. However, this is only one subgenre of electronic music. This week we will explore the history and … Continue reading

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Disco: The Hustle

When people think of the 1970’s, the first thing that comes to mind is disco. The glitter, the lights, the dancing, and the style of disco defined an entire era of music and life in the 1970’s. The disco era … Continue reading

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Country: The Evolution

Country music is America’s signature. Anyone from around the world would be quick to associate country music with the United States, and that’s because it has been around almost as long as jazz, and had perpetual popularity ever since it … Continue reading

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Alternative Rock: The Connections

This week in Visual Music, we will be looking into alternative rock, which is my personal favorite genre. The magic of alt-rock is that it is so diverse, and so connected. So many different artists capture so many different sounds … Continue reading

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Reggae: The Roots

Reggae first emerged as a mainstream genre of music in the early 1960’s. It first became popular in Jamaica, but borrowed musical styles from jazz, Jamaican ska, calypso, and rocksteady, which were derived from American R&B and doo-wop of the … Continue reading

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