Disco: The Hustle

When people think of the 1970’s, the first thing that comes to mind is disco. The glitter, the lights, the dancing, and the style of disco defined an entire era of music and life in the 1970’s. The disco era was short-lived, but will forever be remembered as an iconic movement in not only music, but American history as well.

Disco music comes from a mixture of pop, soul, funk, and salsa. It is fast paced and fun, featuring plenty of synthesizers, electronic drum beats, and funky bass lines. Disco is a form of dance music that is heavily associated with disco clubs. Back in the 70’s, disco clubs were the liveliest places in the world. Club DJ’s would play hit songs all night long, seven days a week. These clubs were the platforms that brought some of the biggest names in music to fame, including Donna Summer and The Bee Gees. This era represented freedom and acceptance. People of all colors and sexual orientations found comfort in this inclusive lifestyle, and it was a time of great connection and acceptance. Everyone on the dance floor was there for the same reason, and there was no question.

Disco wasn’t just about the music. It was about a free-spirited culture, which had no rules. The 70’s was an extremely promiscuous time. The lifestyle surrounding disco was rife with sex and drugs, most notably cocaine. It was loud and unsteady; a constant party. For many who got wrapped up in the scene, there was no distinction between night and day, and everything was a blur. This is where disco crossed over with the hippie movement, which had been established before the genre came out. Those involved in the disco lifestyle shared similar style, and participated in a no-boundaries way of life compared to the hippies of the psychedelic era, which I will talk more about in a later post.

Overall, disco was a driving force that swept the world with new perspectives, and established a vibrantly promiscuous era of dance and culture in the 1970’s. Please comment below on what you want to explore next week on Visual Music!

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