Punk: The Revolution

This week is all about the underground music scene of the 70’s and 80’s. The years of leather and goth and riot. This week’s powerful genre defined an era of music, fashion, and culture of its own. It broke all the rules of the genres that preceded, and completely flipped society upside down. Welcome to the age of punk.

Punk music began with garage rock. Its roots are in the carefully careless clashing rock songs of the Kinks, the Who, the Sonics, and other garage rock bands of the 1960’s. The first band to cross over from rock into punk was called the Stooges. Led by music legend Iggy Pop, commonly known as the “godfather of punk”, the Stooges were a fresh, edgy new force that helped spark the underground punk scene. Later on, in 1974, the Ramones formed in Queens, New York. They are without question the most famous punk band of all time. Their music originated from bands like the Beatles and the Beach Boys, and it joined other punk bands in challenging societal norms with provocative lyrics.

Many people were beyond pissed at the obscurity of the punk revolution. Punk music left the world in disbelief, and completely altered the definition of what was allowed in the music industry. But the widespread disapproval was not totally unwarranted. Artists like Darby Crash of the Germs are what gave punk such an ugly rep. He was famous for his nasty, violent, vulgar, drug-loaded performances that gave permission to his following to exhibit similar behavior. This behavior is what established the divide between those who were “in” and those who weren’t in the underground punk scene.

Punks were easily identified by their looks and their rebellious behavior. They were very exclusive of anyone who didn’t participate in the culture, which is what gave the underground crowd such a special and dignified position. Their fashion was edgy and raw, ranging from scraggly leather jackets and tight jeans like the Ramones, or goth makeup and jet-black hair like Siouxsie and the Banshees.

The revolution of the punk industry will hold its place as one of the most controversial movements in music. Check back next week for an inside look into a whole new genre!

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